Dear Community,

This is the last story on our Medium Blog — We want to thank all of you for your participation, support and criticism during this journey. We have always enjoyed being a part of this community and we are grateful for all the people we met along the way.

Since announcing the buyback in 2017, we have burned more than 37% of the total WGO supply. With the last burn, we have also decided to burn our personal stakes in WGO.

It has been an honor. Farewell

KarlKarlsson & kimbimlim

Starting from October 2017, 50% of all net profits generated by WavesGo are being used to buy back & burn WGO tokens. This means that literally 50 cent of every single dollar of profit earned by all our current and future revenue streams flows back into the WGO market.”

Dear WavesGo Community,

With April’s buyback we’ve hit another major milestone: We’ve now burned more than 30% of the total supply :) Currently the total supply stands at roughly 6.9 million, down more than 3 million since the start of our buyback program in October 2017 !

Now to our…


Dear WavesGo community,

Roughly three weeks ago, WEP 14 got activated and the community is now able to define the issuance schedule of the Waves Blockchain. Currently the reward is 6 Waves per block, which increased staking rewards immensely, in the case of WavesGo between 6–8 times. …

Dear WavesGo community,

WEP 14 has been approved and will be activated tonight at block 1740000. While we were torn between keeping the WAVES supply fixed and increasing profitability, we ultimately decided to support the proposal (see more info here). Let’s see how this work out!

Now to our buyback:


Making blockchain accessible to the masses.

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