Bounty Hunting: Waves-LTC Gateway

Let the hunt begin: Help us test our Gateway Framework

Yeah, we know it’s a caterpillar

Today is a good day — we are opening our Gateway Framework to the community for testing after a development phase of around 3 months. Marc and his student Henning have been weeding out the last bugs and glitches over the past couple of weeks and we are now confident enough to let you guys play around with it.

When we say we want you to play around with it, we mean it. Try to break it, challenge the user flow, attack the security measures in place — do anything you can imagine to reveal a bug or attack vector.

If you happen to find an issue, please report it to us by filling in the following Google Form:

Make sure to describe the detected bug as detailed as possible — we can only investigate an issue if we are able to reproduce it. In case we are able to reproduce the bug (and fix it), we are going to pay a bounty to the tester. The size of the bounty depends on severity and complexity of the reported bug and is paid in WavesGo (WGO) tokens. Don’t worry about the size of the bounty, we are going to make testing worthwhile, particularly as security is of utmost importance to us.

How the Gateway works

The gateway is available at as a website. There is no need to create an account — simply click on “New Litecoin Address” and copy paste your Waves testnet address into the input field. The web-service is automatically going to return you the linked Litecoin address. That’s it, you are ready to go.

After having created your Litecoin address, you only need to send some testnet Litecoin to it and within a couple of minutes you receive the wLTC token on the Waves blockchain.

Transfer the desired amount of wLTC to the gateway address (3N6itTNV5hZjuH8Vesut2VuJ4io75yyECDD) using the official Waves Lite Client and enter your testnet Litecoin address in the attachment field. You receive your LTC on the Litecoin blockchain within a couple of minutes.

First things first, make sure to conduct your bug hunting on the Waves and Litecoin TestNet. Here some useful links:

Waves TestNet Wallet:

Waves TestNet Faucet:

Litecoin TestNet Faucet:

Litecoin Testnet How to :

To track the status of a transaction, please make use of our self-support:

In case you need additional instructions or support from our side, don’t hesitate to contact us in the #wavesgo channel on Waves Slack or send us an e-mail to

The testing period takes as long as needed — as mentioned, security is of utmost importance to us. Depending on the number, severity and complexity of found bugs, the production release of the Gateway Framework may be a few days up to a couple of weeks out.

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