Buyback & Burn Program July/August 2020

Starting from October 2017, 50% of all net profits generated by WavesGo are being used to buy back & burn WGO tokens. This means that literally 50 cent of every single dollar of profit earned by all our current and future revenue streams flows back into the WGO market.”

Numbers & Figures Buyback & Burn July 2020

Size of Buyback: 1245.5 WAVES

WGO purchased & burned: 45'716 WGO

Average price: 0.0189 WAVES

Burn TX:

Numbers & Figures Buyback & Burn August 2020

Size of Buyback: 651 WAVES

WGO purchased & burned: 54'379 WGO

Average price: 0.01197 WAVES

Burn TX:

Total Supply as of 14.09.2020 : 6'785'606

You can find the updated total supply here:

Please note: We have changed our buyback slightly and are now buying WGO constantly instead of one big market buy at the end of the month.

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