Statement about activation of Feature 1

Dear Community,

As you all know the forging nodes are currently in the process of voting to introduce two new features to the Waves Platform.
Feature 1: Reducing the minimum amount for a forging node to 1000 WAVES
Feature 2: Activation of Waves-NG

At the time of writing, it looks like both features will be accepted at block 800k and activated around block 805k. Waves-NG is a groundbreaking technology and of utmost importance for the success of the Waves Platform.
NG was tested thoroughly from the Waves Team as well as from the Waves Community on TestNet.
However, to make the activation and still probable bug searching/fixing as smooth & fast as possible, WavesGo and a number of other node owners decided to postpone activation of feature 1 by *one period*.

From our point of view, there is no immediate need to reduce the forging amount (which would justify to activate both features at the same time). Creating a decentralized platform is still the main goal of us all and we found consensus to reduce the minimum amount for a forging node to 1000 WAVES, but we do not want to jump the gun and take risks regarding Waves-NG. *We propose to activate Feature 1 one period later*.

We communicated this approach to Sasha Ivanov and he agrees with both our argumentation and subsequent action.

Thanks for your understanding. We are looking forward to welcoming many new nodes to the Waves Platform!

WavesGo/ POSPOOL /Wavesnode.NET /FountainPerpetua/Endless Summer/ Black Turtle/ BearWaves/

Making blockchain accessible to the masses.

Making blockchain accessible to the masses.